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Michela Filzi (IT/NL) is a multimedia artist based in Berlin. She holds a BA from the Audio-Visual department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam and an MA in Solo Dance Authorship at Hzt, Berlin.

Her ongoing artistic research revolves around questions of human and non-human agency and their relevance to ecological thinking in the context of the performing arts.

Her works are site specific, consisting of choreographies tailored to the characteristics of the space they are in: its dimensions, its nature, the spirit and function of that particular space. Her performances hold the middle ground between sports, rituals, endurance tests, ceremonies and dancing.

When looking at a performance of hers, it is never about her, she as an artist is a radar in this world, one that sensitively notices things about places. She builds works from these observations, and these works accelerate that initial notion into the eye of the viewer. So the artist is not a source, in her case the artist is an instrument of the world by which it expresses itself.




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