Artist statement 2024

I am a body, a human body. 
A white, privileged, female identifying human body, dressed of its history and shaped by its culture. 

A human body made visible, audible and tangible by its context. 
A body that acknowledges itself through the gaze of the other. 

A body that seeks connection with the other through self-expression. 
A body that enters in connection with the world through movement, A body that gains wisdom of the world through experience. 

This body accesses the world sensorially: touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing... Intuition. 
Unlearning separation. 

Through dance, storytelling and rituals this body invites other bodies into a collective experience of entanglement with the world. 
This body dreams of possible sustainable futures. 
This body cultivates a relationship of soulful reciprocity and ecological awareness. 
This body is present. 

This body is the witness of wars, violence and ecological destruction.
This body feels powerless when faced with the state of humanity. This body isn't hopeless. 

This body collects stories of hope. This body has trust. 
This body heals its wound of feeling remotely separated from itself, its environment and other 

bodies. This body finds solace in reconnecting with nature. 
This body has an animist approach to all things. 
This body calls this art.