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Since 2021 michela filzi is an author of the STREAM collective, which is a platform for texts motivated by live art.


Stream is open to an expansive understanding of “Live Art”. There will be texts that are inspired by a specific piece or body of art – the writer’s own artistic work or someone else’s, texts that are unfolding notions of live art, texts that are dealing with developments and transformations by the art form as such.

We understand writing as a movement practice and see our texts as autonomous pieces. We write and publish experimental, literary, poetic, theoretical, and critical texts, stemming from performances and live art practised and presented across Berlin and beyond. 

Texts published in the frame of STREAM

Other texts: 

March 2023 - On "Physis" , a participatory movement space by Moritz Majce. She discovers it from the perspective of an attendant, noting her impressions and meditations on the cosmos along the way.

February 2023 - "Facing the Many Faces of Nature" - a textual documentation of the event "Facing Nature" organised by Felicitas Zeenden and Sandra Mann at Tanzfabrik.
(publication not yet available online)

June 2022 - "On continuing and containing" , on the research presentation of dance-artists Raz Mantell and Susanna Ylikoski, presented at Dock11 in June 2022.

December 2021 - "our return to nature", written in collaboration with Susanna Ylikoski and in the frame of FALL 2021 “memories and reflections"; a publication of texts written by STREAM authors for the performances of the FALL 2021 season at Tanzfabrik Berlin.

November 2021 - "COEXISTING ROOM" on Clémentine M Songe’s (aka Clément Layes / PUBLIC IN PRIVATE’s) latest work „Living Room“, presented at Sophiensaele on the 28th of November 2021. 

July 2021 - "Letters to an absent audience" - As the HZT MA SODA graduation works cannot be experienced live this year, graduating students Michalis Angelidis, Xenia Koghilaki and michela filzi write letters to their absent audience.


October 2021 - "Sophia's garden" is a poem dedicated to Sophia New, and our shared love for gardens. She was my teacher during my MA at SODA, HzT.  

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