‘Horizontal Formation’ is a sculptural performance that plays on the notions of gravity, balance and strength and explores the relation between limitations and freedom.

Performed at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, ‘Horizontal Formation’ shifted the orientation of the performers in space with the use of an office setting installed sideways on the wall.

This created a birds-eye view that, unlike its objective use in cartography, led to a view from above that was not held at a distance.

The spectator found him or herself in close proximity to the performers, with an altered perspective of the exhibition space. Initially, the performers moved in a way that maintained the illusion of the birds-eye view. However, as the piece progressed and the body tired from exertion, the performers played with resisting and yielding, working both against and with gravity.

The illusion of a birds-eye perspective was hereby con- tinuously broken and reinstated in intriguing ways. 

Concept/Performance: Michela Filzi

Performance: Beatrix Joyce and Julia Liedel 

© 2019  MF

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