Today I took part in the LOAF festival by giving a small workshop called 'tracing' to a group of 7 people. It was a very good learning experience, and the people not only enjoyed the process but also gave me a lot of positive feedback. Most importantly I have discovered some important element to my research especially in relation to the materiality of the work I was doing with the paper roll and the charcoal. The participants were very playfully engaging with the tasks and the materials, but still with care and devotion, and even if the roll was teared apart it still created a beautiful sculpture which we continued playing with very spontaneously creating relations with the body and the space. I have myself learned to not be scared of ruining the paper or braking it, it can all be part of my relationship with the material. 

Feedback form Nik Haffer:

  • if the music is too loud and I am speaking, it can make people nervous that they cannot hear and understand,

  • before starting address the possibility for people not to be engaging with touch, as some might not want to do so, ( and it is not a problem )

  • don't take anything for granted but rather ask if everyone feels warmed up or need more time.. 

he has a material in mind form japan used for kids to learn calligraphy, remind him to send it to me.

Tao Ruspoli's documentary: 'Being in the World'
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