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Intra-action is a Baradian term used to replace ‘interaction,’ which necessitates pre-established bodies that then participate in action with each other. Intra-action understands agency not as an inherent property of an individual or human to be exercised, but as a dynamism of forces (Barad, 2007, p. 141) in which all designated ‘things’ are constantly exchanging and diffracting, influencing and working inseparably. Intra-action also acknowledges the impossibility of an absolute separation or classically understood objectivity, in which an apparatus (a technology or medium used to measure a property) or a person using an apparatus are not considered to be part of the process that allows for specifically located ‘outcomes’ or measurement.

Movement research on intra-action

The video above contains documentation materials of the previous semester (301), i understand the research done throughout the program as one continuous project. 

We started from the material of the 301 presentation to ask more specifically what thingness do we want to address next?

My collaborators Matteo de Santis, Samuel von Düffel and i empirically explored notions of thing-power as outlined by philosopher Jane Bennett. We created net like environments, string figure games and immersive soundscapes in which the performer experimented with the affective power of things. 

The sounds were recorded live by a microphone attached to the body of the performer and  the sound scape would be created live around the feedback loops emerging from the interferences with the speakers.

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