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13-09-2019 Reflection on Maiden Speech perf. event

The mess room is the space in between two other spaces and it only contains a lot of objects, daily objects in a total mess, as if a storm raged or someone went crazy and smashed everything and run out from the window. The audience is divided into 2 groups each groups goes to a room in which only a white screen is projected onto the walls, the white screen is a digital platform, which resembles a group chat, all the audience members are invited to join the group chat and either answers to question (asked by Maiden Speech) or just to each other, this last one happened a lot, people were saying funny things, also because their identity is concealed by the name of an object and the objects are having a group chat, in the space with each other so a virtual space is created for the audience to interact while they are watching the performance, (multitasking) performers alternate presence in the space by going in and out and at each time they performa an action of leaving traces of taking them (removing traces).The depth of these traces meaning is yet to be argumented but what I have discovered so far is that the movements of removing the traces can o en be the same as creating them.

Leaving traces movements I did in room3:
1. walking very slowly and so ly touching the walls, the objects and the people in the room, leaving them with a trace of me. Energetic trace of is it an emotional trace ?
2. Leaving hand’s traces on the walls by rubbing them from up to down with a steady repetitive movement (Ugo, Florencia's dog, got scared and started crying so I reacted by slowing down and looking at him)
3. create a snow angel on the oor (banale?)

Taking/removing traces form the space:
1. walking backward and erasing the footsteps with the other leg (focus on what is left behind, cruising through the people, using proximity to the people as a tool. )
2. searching for the tiniest trace left in the space, the piece of tape on the wall. (again crusing very closely to people and very slow movement to catch the thing, as if it was an animal or an insect to capture , hunting)
3. sticking the legs inside of the room from under the curtain making sound (playing with them unexpected turn of the established pattern, newness into repetition).

The cleaning up part felt long because of the presence of the audience, in rehearsal it was more fluid and we really took our time to do everything well, some audience

member have expressed both before and after the desire to help, some were asked to help
and did, so there is an element of participation that was accomplished. The degree in which this happen needs to be explored, a friend said that she felt anxious in
a way, but that is because it tickled her cleaning obsessive compulsive behavioural pattern. People saw a hopeful take on climate change, Samu talked about Donna Haraway and staying with the Trouble. So not showing the making of the mess and instead cleaning it up is a simple departure point to explore, the dynamic of mess, or chaos, the healing wound of overstuffing the environment. Also the shift is, in thinking of the space not as an empty one, there are always things, which transforms space into an environment. Like there are trees in the forest that make the forest as such , so are things in spaces and by actively using them we focus our attention and intention on them and see their many meanings unfold.

8-09-2019 - Object writing from animist prospective

Hold me with your hands now, when you leave me again I want to leave you with a trace of me, a memory, a mark, anything that will remind you of me when I’m gone, consumed, vanished or lost between your memories and your papers. I know you care about me, but often times I just feel used by you, used to draw your lines and leave your markings in this world, used by you for you not to be forgotten, so what is there left of me if not just a pale shade of dust on your hands?


Task based study, how to make a mess or an ordered mess?
We started by taking 5 min to rearrange all the objects present in the space, with care and some intuitional composition.The result was a neat and quite funny mess all over the room, with an empty middle.
Second task was: starting from where we left to go and make accidental mess, so more chaos, less care in positioning things and rather throw them around and spread them randomly.
The result is an homogeneous cover of objects over the whole surface of the space, small colourful papers covered by the entangled cables and ropes, upside down chairs and ladders and tables. Looking at it we try to imagine what happened, a robbery, an earthquake, a storm entering the window?
Money was present in the mess and that really made us think that it could not have been a rubbery. Or maybe we are in a post-apocalyptic scenario in which money have no value.

Footsteps on the floor could belong to another moment in time, maybe after the earthquake the pillage happened, so that people came in and stole what was left.

In the frame of Maiden Speech the research continues in a collaborative way, my collaborators Beatrix and Flora have agreed on experimenting with the “mess” idea for the performance we will present on the 12th of September. So we are now discussing a lot about how to organize the rooms in Glogauair (performance space) and how to incorporate the platform which we have been working with since the last performance series. We have come to understand that we want to focus on new-materialism and explore how we look at objects in relation to the threat of climate catastrophe.

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