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Dear reader,  

Whether you are familiar with my work or just followed a random thread on the internet, you ended up here, and therefore i welcome you.


I am a graduating artist from the MA Solo Dance Authorship (Berlin) and this section of my website is dedicated to the workbook of my current body-based research that started in the frame of this program. The workbook is a tool that traces the development of performance practices through media, such as text, sketches, video or photos, and it is instrumental to gain more insight into the research and artistic process. 

This workbook is structured through an interactive mind-map that you can access by clicking on the research question below.

By clicking on any of the terms you will be directed to different sections containing documentation material of the final semester that is leading to the presentation of my thesis. 

The content presented here is fragmented in sections. Each section imitates a blog-format, the top entries are the most recent ones, scroll down to go back in time, and follow this arrow        to go back to the mind map.


The notion of practice refers to art making as an ongoing, cyclical process of accumulation, reflection, exploration, discussion and dissemination. To think the body means to think the environment, what aesthetics are hereby produced?

michela filzi 370863 

June 2021