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This workbook is a tool to gain insight into my research process at  MA SODA (Hzt Berlin)

To navigate its content interact with the mind map below by clicking on any of the terms. The different sections are fragmented and contain documentation materials (videos and text) of my final semester, that lead to the presentation of my graduation piece 'metabolic encounters'. Which is a good entry point to the mind map.


Each section imitates a blog-format, the top entries are the most recent ones, scroll down to go back in time, and follow this arrow        to come back to this page. 



Extracts from "in someone else's shoes, metabolic encounters, Uferstudios 2021

What kinds of artistic practice would an ecologically minded person enjoy?

The notion of practice refers to art making as an ongoing, cyclical process of accumulation, reflection, exploration, discussion and dissemination. To think the body means to think the environment, what aesthetics are hereby produced?

practice developed in the previous semester of the master, which has informed the more specific focus of the final semester. 

collections or gatherings of human and non-human bodies.

artistic research as a relational undertaking, co-creating and challenging the attendants to the work.

behavioural pattern of delegating the enjoyment of an experience to other or to things.

performance spaces as ecosystems where all the components are active and integral players.

human interconnectedness with non-human substance in a symbiotic and an evolutionary sense

displacement of the viewers perspective to shift the perception of bodies and things in space. 

reflection on the graduation performance and  previous research material on ecological thinking in the context of the performing arts

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