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Point of view and birds-eye view

The viewer's perspective is one of the most important aspects to the presentation of the work because it defines how a shift of perception can be facilitated. 

By displacing the way in which images are perceived, new thought processes can be triggered. 

- BIRDS EYE VIEW creates a distant but also wider perspective on the moving bodies and a sense of overlooking a situation. What kind of state is the viewer entering when watching from above?

- CLOSE-UPS and FIRST PERSON perspective, through the use of smartphones and selfie-sticks held by the performers or assembled to the installation, we aim at triggering a feeling of closeness and intimacy with the bodies involved in the action. And also with the phone moving together with the performers we invite the viewers into the motion and the glitch. 


Ideally the positioning of the attendants in space will be elevated above the performance space, as shown in the video above, shot during the Bauprobe in studio 1. 

How to set up the space:
How to use the streaming as a tool rather than a limitation?
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