Today in the studio session we found: dancing with rope, elements of suspension, giving weight, a bit like contact improvisation but rougher, at least for me, since I also fell on the ground and hit my leg pretty hard. Before that we found lying down under the bottle-pendulum, eventually with some (sand like) material that is falling over me, to get mark of my body. Now the charcoal will come back in the game, maybe in relation to drawing again, but on what? Can it be the walls? Or the roll also come back in the game!!!

Session in the studio exploring floor work cleaning the floor practice...and also playing with the curtain, got some interesting pictures. My aim is to get close to the space, to observe every little detail and corner of it, and see it as a second skin rather than just a container of things. How familiar can I become to it? And how familiar can it become to me?

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and as I was trying to fall back to sleep, in a state in between sleeping and waking I saw an image of a movement. With a very long rope anchored to the wall of studio 9 (those iron bars attached to the wall) on the side opposite of the inner yard. My body harnessed to the rope and positioned towards the other far end of the studio, not quite touching the wall though. To try out as soon as I get back! It reminded me of that video of Pina Bausch with the dancer attached to the rope running away but not able to.

Another long break from writing since I spent few more days in Bracciano lake with my family and then travelled by caravan al the way to France with my friend Valentina. It has been a real adventure a delightful and yet at time stressful one, but my dear friend has yet again demonstrated great understanding and supporting skills. Love her.
After this 4days trip, we spent few days helping my mother out at the moulin Scalagrand, mainly harvesting vegetables from the permaculture garden or cleaning up for the guests staying at the ecob&b. I also metabolized some of the ideas and notion I’m writing about in the essay, everything feels still like a dense cloud of notions and connections, more like a lichen than a tree, expanding as a Rhizome.
Revelation from last night: A regenerative movement is something that has/lives its own life, for example imagination. Creating a situation that is capable of instilling an imaginative process in other’s people mind, creating fertile ground for ideas to emerge, thoughts and fantasies.
Another two regenerative movements I thought of are: COLLECTING/GATHERING small objects and the connected GIVING/OFFERING small objects. The first one because of the meditative nature of the action and also the fact that it is not a heterogenous action as it is in constant transformation and it leads its own life (you don’t know where you will get by collecting shells on the beach, you know what you are looking for but you don’t know what you will find). As for the second one, the act of giving, as for the imagination, is an action that create a ripple effect out of the giver’s control, the given objects may lead a life of its own.

After the Solstice Dance Gathering organized by Jorge, I have talked about the research subject with Floupsi, what came out from the conversation were many realisation and also a movement that could be consider regenerative, In relation to the floor, surface point of gravity, access to the earth, connection with our primary sense of grounding. Giving up weight to the ground, relaxing muscles and tone. Initiating the movement solely from the bones and the tendons, energetic impulses that create a shi in mass,(relaxed muscles) until the weight autonomously shifts over the floor by a kinetic autonomous force.

Ground work- release- self-massaging -breathing


In this first studio session I have explored a few different movements in the quest of discovering their nature. I am researching which movement (or action) can be considered circular (self-sustainable, renewable, healing, primitive, raw, self-regenerative) and which can be considered disruptive (industrialized body, linear-thinking, sterile, mechanical body, advanced or improved, ecologically crippled).
Today I focused on movements I had already started exploring : shaking, running in circle, walking with di erent gaze directives, spinning and resting on the oor. So far it feels as if all these movements are regenerative as they create a circular flux of energy in the body and/or are fuelled by momentum.

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