Dear Reader,  

for one reason or another you ended up here, whether you know me or not, whether you have to assess my work or whether you just followed a random thread of the inter-net, I welcome you. 

I am an artist studying a Master Program called Solo Dance Authorship (Berlin) and this is a page of my website containing a navigational device to my research practice. By clicking on the word workbook, you will be directed to the interactive mind-map I have created for you to have an insight into my body based, practice lead research.

Before you drift in or away I will briefly explain what SODA is, why am I there (from my perspective) and what is the topic of my research. Apart from the institutional definition of SODA (MA program part of the HZT, website in link), this program for me functions as a metabolic environment. It is not simply a place where time is dedicated to the cultivation of its member's artistic research and development. (explain more) 

(talk about artistic research)


 click on any term and you will be directed to a web-page containing: notes from my journal, sketches from my notebook, photographs and videos of my practice and videos of inspirational lectures, films, documentaries.  

On each page you'll find this arrow, click on it to go back to this mind-map.

© 2019  MF

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