Māyā is the Sanskrit word for 'measure', its prefix Mā is connected to the latin words 'mater' and 'matrix'.  A 'matrix' is a tool used by human intellect to measure and track reality and the natural world. 

In this site-specific performance the body is used as the fundamental measure through which the space is activated, traced and measured.

This work metaphorically addresses to the way in which the whole universe is regarded in western society. 

Concept & Performance : Michela Filzi 

Music: Louis Navarro


The rapid development of technology and the internet has created a world full of opportunities and possi- bilities. However, with the plethora of options openly available to all also comes an indelible feeling of insta- bility, insecurity and detachment. With the overload of information and the volatility of contemporary living, the millennial is challenged to constantly adapt and accept the rate of change. ‘The Throw Zone’ re ects on the pressures of our times and addresses the Zeit- geist of a generation lost in the immensity of possibil- ities.

Two performers move as a singular entity and together caught in a free fall, create the illusion that gravity is momentarily suspended.
Moving with a gradual progression, the performers nd stillness in unexpected poses. Their conjoined structure is completed by peculiar details drawing forth images that are both absurd and casual, real-life propositions.

Thrown, head rst into the immensity of possibilities, ‘The Throw Zone’ re ects on the expansiveness of our times and unleashes the imagination in a oating tableaux vivant. 

Concept & Performance : Michela Filzi and Beatrix Joyce

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‘You, Me & Data’ is a multimedia performance that plays on the notion of screened reality and the absur- dity of normality in the 21st century.

Two performers occupy an apparently empty corner in space. Their main focus is concentrated on their own hand. Slowly they start engaging in movement as if hypnotised by this limb.

The soundscape created and performed by vocal- ist Laura Giavon lls the space with deep, guttural sounds that mimic technology, providing a vocal em- bodiment of electromagnetic elds.

The performance space is suddenly activated by a third element: two large video projections. These two videos are compilations of recordings of the two danc- ers in various locations in Berlin. Scrolling, typing, tap- ping - they pose in both conventional and unconven- tional body positions as they are entirely absorbed by the hidden protagonist of the work: the smartphone. The driving elements of the ensemble - the bodies, the voice and the images - act autonomously but feed off each other.

‘You, Me & Data’ creates an immersive experience of re ection for the audience, revealing the constant inner transformation and adaptability of humankind. 

Concept: Michela Filzi

Performance: Beatrix Joyce and Maria Sanchez Alonso

Soundscape/Performance : Laura Giavon


‘Horizontal Formation’ is a sculptural performance that plays on the notions of gravity, balance and strength and explores the relation between limitations and freedom.

Performed at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, ‘Horizontal Formation’ shifted the orientation of the performers in space with the use of an office setting installed sideways on the wall.

This created a birds-eye view that, unlike its objective use in cartography, led to a view from above that was not held at a distance.

The spectator found him or herself in close proximity to the performers, with an altered perspective of the exhibition space. Initially, the performers moved in a way that maintained the illusion of the birds-eye view. However, as the piece progressed and the body tired from exertion, the performers played with resisting and yielding, working both against and with gravity.

The illusion of a birds-eye perspective was hereby con- tinuously broken and reinstated in intriguing ways. 

Concept/Performance: Michela Filzi

Performance: Beatrix Joyce and Julia Liedel 


Part I of the site specific performance created for the Oude Kerk, in Amsterdam, performed by Michela Filzi in 2015.

This piece revolves around the ideas of suspension, belief and idolatry. 


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Part II of the site speci c performance created for the Oude Kerk, in Amsterdam, concept by Michela Filzi.

Performed by Michela Filzi, Pedro Matias and Mathilde Renault in 2015. 


A durational intervention, presented ongoing between 11:00 and 18:00, 11th july 2015 at Rietveld Academy,

Concept and performance by Michela Filzi.

‘Swinging Back and Forth from one wall to the other.’