The rapid development of technology and the internet has created a world full of opportunities and possi- bilities. However, with the plethora of options openly available to all also comes an indelible feeling of insta- bility, insecurity and detachment. With the overload of information and the volatility of contemporary living, the millennial is challenged to constantly adapt and accept the rate of change. ‘The Throw Zone’ re ects on the pressures of our times and addresses the Zeit- geist of a generation lost in the immensity of possibil- ities.

Two performers move as a singular entity and together caught in a free fall, create the illusion that gravity is momentarily suspended.
Moving with a gradual progression, the performers nd stillness in unexpected poses. Their conjoined structure is completed by peculiar details drawing forth images that are both absurd and casual, real-life propositions.

Thrown, head rst into the immensity of possibilities, ‘The Throw Zone’ re ects on the expansiveness of our times and unleashes the imagination in a oating tableaux vivant. 

Concept & Performance : Michela Filzi and Beatrix Joyce

Performed at: 

© 2019  MF

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