‘You, Me & Data’ is a multimedia performance that plays on the notion of screened reality and the absur- dity of normality in the 21st century.

Two performers occupy an apparently empty corner in space. Their main focus is concentrated on their own hand. Slowly they start engaging in movement as if hypnotised by this limb.

The soundscape created and performed by vocal- ist Laura Giavon lls the space with deep, guttural sounds that mimic technology, providing a vocal em- bodiment of electromagnetic elds.

The performance space is suddenly activated by a third element: two large video projections. These two videos are compilations of recordings of the two danc- ers in various locations in Berlin. Scrolling, typing, tap- ping - they pose in both conventional and unconven- tional body positions as they are entirely absorbed by the hidden protagonist of the work: the smartphone. The driving elements of the ensemble - the bodies, the voice and the images - act autonomously but feed off each other.

‘You, Me & Data’ creates an immersive experience of re ection for the audience, revealing the constant inner transformation and adaptability of humankind. 

Concept: Michela Filzi

Performance: Beatrix Joyce and Maria Sanchez Alonso

Soundscape/Performance : Laura Giavon

© 2019  MF

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